TikTok Secretly Tracked Data Of Android Users

Aug 12, 2020 App News

TikTok Secretly Tracked Data Of Android Users

TikTok has been under fire for the past few weeks worldwide, as the US President Donald Trump has called for a ban on the Chinese app, threatening to sign an executive order for this very reason. Now another news has surfaced regarding the popular app, that it has been collecting user data without their consent - something that’s completely against Google’s privacy laws and will surely put the app owners in trouble for going ahead with this unusual tracking of users.

It was found out by the Wall Street Journal, that TikTok was actually tracking the MAC addresses of the devices used by its user base - something that has been prohibited by Google’s laws. A MAC address is basically a private I.D for each networked device in existence. TikTok found a loophole in Google’s privacy laws, and that helped the app trace the MAC IDs of these users. On top of that, they also encrypted this tracing to make sure no one can figure it out. This practice was continued till last November by TikTok for about 15 months.

The team behind the app with over billion downloads was questioned for this activity, but they had nothing to respond with. However, they did say that the current version of the app doesn’t track MAC addresses. This doesn’t do well for TikTok’s credibility at all, as it’s definitely going to lose its positioning and stability in the United States. Google might get in trouble as well, since this all happened underneath its watchful gaze.

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