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Aug 02, 2021

TikTok banned In Pakistan

Jul 02, 2021 App News

TikTok banned In Pakistan

TikTok is Pakistan’s Sindh High Court has ordered TikTok, the popular video sharing application to get banned once again in Pakistan. The TikTok career is under the dark the dark cloud after getting banned once again in Pakistan. The reason for the ban in Pakistan is due to “ immoral and obscene content” in the Islamic Republic that would not be tolerated. 

Earlier, the ban was imposed on April 1st in the same year. However, the ban was lifted soon after a long protest done by the TikTokers. However, The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) got ordered by the court to ban the application until final decision is made till 8th July. 

The decision was taken in result of the citizen’s petition alleging that tells that TikTok content is spreading “ immortality and obscenity throughout the country” 

A resident of Pakpattan Punjab, Ali Zeb claimed the allegation that TikTok promotes crime with people openly using drugs, weapons and posting videos. Whereas, the use of TikTok by teenagers and students spreads bad environment for the generation. 

The Chinese owned application has been shut down by the authorities twice over the similar issues due to the indecent content, however the company made sure to moderate the uploads for the content. 

Earlier this month an anti TikTok rally took place against TikTok and protestors called out the application for spreading homosexuality. 

It is also reported that about 7 million accounts got suspended from TikTok suspecting the accounts to be used by underage teenagers. 

The reports further suggest that 62 million videos got taken down for violating community standards that includes, hate speech, nudity, harassment and homosexuality. 

Next hearing of court will happen on 8th July to decide the final decision for the on and off battle of TikTok ban. 


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