This Pixel Watch Concept Is Mouth Watering!

Aug 15, 2020 News

This Pixel Watch Concept Is Mouth Watering!

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular in today’s day and age, as it’s become a great partner to your personal smartphone since it can do a lot of things on its own. Want to measure your heartbeat? Sure, the smartwatch will take care of that. Want to play music or skip tracks while running without taking your phone out? Easy for the smartwatch. Just like that, it helps users do a lot of the things and compliments a smartphone nicely. Knowing that, the majority of the big smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have released their own smartwatches that work best with their own devices. However, one major manufacturer hasn’t put its feet in the game, and that’s Google.

Google yet remains to have put out any statement regarding an upcoming smartwatch, so we don’t know when a Pixel watch might come for our use. However, a talented artist by the name of James Tsai has actually designed his own version of the Pixel Watch - and boy o boy, does it look pretty. Tsai has rendered his 3D version of the watch, as it features a slick matte finished glass watch-face, which is embezzled in the straps which also follow the matte theme along the way. There are no color interruptions in the watch design, as it’s an entire solid color and it looks stunning. The watch-face is made up of an analogue clock design, which features the main color theme of the Google logo, being yellow, red, green and blue.

“The Always-On Display is created to be simple on your wrist for an effortless feel, also lets you forget the digital watch feeling from turning off the screen,” Tsai states. “The Always-On Display itself is capable of providing constant imagery and showing off Google's remarkable animation clock and UI transition.”

Tsai also gives the three available colors his own Google-esque names, as he calls them the “milky white”, “sweet papaya” and “boba black”.

Sadly, the watch is just a dream for all of us, and we can only hope to see it come to existence. A trusted source revealed that a Pixel smartwatch would be on the way with the release of the Pixel 3 back in 2018. We’ve been waiting on it ever since then, and even with the upcoming Pixel 5, the release of a Google Pixel watch seems unlikely. However, kudos to James Tsai for working on the render, as it could’ve potentially given Google a reason to start working on their watch.

Check out James Tsai’s full project on the Pixel watch here.

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