This Motorola Phone Is Giving Apple And Google A Run For Their Money

Aug 05, 2020 News

This Motorola Phone Is Giving Apple And Google A Run For Their Money

The mid range market is so heavily saturated nowadays, that it gets almost impossible to decide on one phone to buy. With the introduction of the Pixel 4a and the iPhone SE 2020 - a phone needs to do a lot to beat these already well established phones in the market, and Motorola is not backing down from that challenge, as their newly released Motorola One Fusion Plus is a great phone for the sub-500 dollar price point.

Motorola doesn’t really seem to be a real competitor of the likes of Apple and Google in theory, but if you look at things from a neutral perspective, you might want to reconsider your stance. The first thing that stands out in the One Fusion Plus is its large battery, which can easily run laps around the battery cells on the other devices mentioned in this article. The camera situation is here or there as well, as yes the overall camera quality is better on the other devices, but the Motorola phone still has 4 cameras on the back, with the option to shoot ultra-wide and macro, which isn’t present in both the Google Pixel 4a and the iPhone SE. The phone also runs on the Snapdragon 730, which is quite similar to the 730G on the Pixel 4a - but it surely falls behind the SE since it runs on A13 bionic, an extremely powerful SoC.

You might call us crazy for making these comparisons, or might totally agree with us - but one thing you can’t deny is that the Moto One Fusion Plus is a solid smartphone, and packs a lot of punch for the sub-400 dollar category. You certainly won’t regret making this purchase if you decide to do so.

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