This Gaming Controller Will Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Console

Aug 05, 2020 Games

This Gaming Controller Will Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Console

Gaming has come a long way over the years, and now it doesn’t really require you to have a high-end gaming PC or console to run the latest and greatest games available in the market. Gaming giants like Xbox have provided users with an ability to use cloud based gaming where the servers of the company will carry all the computing load, while your device just has to stream all that for you. Xbox’s xCloud gaming service is one of the leading cloud gaming platforms there is, and it’s providing support for all android devices when it fully rolls out in September.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service was actually included on the recently unveiled Samsung Note 20 phones, which will put the devices at a huge advantage when compared to its competitors. However, when you have Xbox games running on your mobile phone, you’ll need a controller to make the most out of those games - that’s where the MOGA XP5-X PLUS comes in, with licensing from Microsoft, turning your phone into a portable console.

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 The controller looks a lot like the Xbox controller we’ve grown accustomed to, with a few extra tweaks. Firstly, it comes with a built-in clip where you can place your phone, and it has two anchoring spots so you can adjust the angle of your device according to your liking. You also get two extra mappable buttons which you can use to do any command in the game.

The controller comes with a 3,000 mAh battery capacity, and can charge not only itself but also your phone when it’s clipped in - acting as a temporary power bank for you while you’re gaming. You can of course buy a clip for your existing Xbox controller, but if you don’t have one, then we suggest you get this for the best gaming experience on your smartphone.

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