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Aug 02, 2021

The Upcoming Generation Samsung Galaxy S22 To Feature Advanced Low Light Photograpy

Aug 05, 2021 News

The Upcoming Generation Samsung Galaxy S22 To Feature Advanced Low Light Photograpy

Low light photography has been a question mark for Android phones and the camera quality is usually judged on the base of it. The upcoming series of Samsung Galaxy is a little far currently but that does not impact the rumours mill to throw out some leaks. Similarly, a leak came out that tells us the insights of Samsung Galaxy S22 camera. The details are mainly about the sensor and advancement. 

The new sensor is under development currently and leaks tell us that Samsung is working on a 200 mega pixel ISOCELL sensor for its upcoming Galaxy S22 flagship line. The latest camera sensor is a setup from 108 mega pixel which is found in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. But according to the news audience do not have to wait for that long to check this sensor since Xiaomi is way ahead to launch Xiaomi Mi 12 with 200 mega pixel camera. 


A famous leaker announced that the 200 mega pixel sensor will be launched in September. The news are not just about ultra high resolution sensor. The tweets suggest the leaks about a 50MP RGBW sensor which will surely join 200MP sensor. 

To reveal the news further, the sensor uses a red, blue and green filter array to produce colour images. Then in the RGBW matrix the transparent “white” light detects all the other colours of light. This contributes in creating low light images in a high quality where unfiltered pixels collect luminance data. To further explain the sensor it captures more light than the standard sensor which eventually improves low light and HDR photography. This concept is not innovated recently neither it is new right now. Kodak invented this technology back in 2007. 

Audience is however expect to see a leap in camera performance of Samsung Galaxy’s upcoming generation.


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