The Travelling Apps You Need In Your Life

Jul 17, 2020 App News

The Travelling Apps You Need In Your Life

Even though travelling isn’t considered a viable option these days due to coronavirus, it’s no doubt people are considering to travel as soon as the lockdown period ends, because everyone’s tired of sitting at home. People are already making plans with families and friends, as everyone is waiting for flights to reopen for non-urgent travelling, so they can travel to their favourite countries once more. However, there are a few things you need to take care when travelling such as accommodation, routes and more. So we’ve listed below 3 apps that will take care of most of your needs when travelling abroad.  




It’s obvious that you’ll need a place to stay when you travel abroad to different countries, and for that, Airbnb is the best option you can find for general places to stay. Airbnb is cheaper than average hotels, and that’s because it makes use of people renting rooms or their entire places for people to stay in for short time periods. The user interface of the app is clean and easy to navigate through, and will make it extremely easy for you to find a place anywhere you’re visiting.  




Unless you’re travelling to an English speaking nation and you do know English, it’s highly probable that you’ll need to learn the local language of the country you’re travelling to to a certain extent - and Duolingo is one of the easiest ways to do that. Duolingo makes use of simple tasks and challenges to make you learn from a vast list of languages. You’ll go through a step by step procedure which will seem like a game, and you’ll master the language before you even know it.  


Google Maps  


Google Maps is one app that’s pretty much downloaded on every single Android phone in existence - and it’s absolutely vital for you unless you’re a caveman. You need it for basically everyday navigation, let alone for travelling abroad. You’ll need an app to navigate through the country and get the easiest routes for you to explore different areas of the place you’re in. Overall, it’s probably the most important app you need to have when you travel. 


All you need are these three apps, and you’ll get about 95% of your visit figured out. There will be other apps that might help your experience get better, but you’ll be good to go with just these three as well.  

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