The Top Grossing Games On Google Play Store

Sep 12, 2020 Games

The Top Grossing Games On Google Play Store

Gaming has come a long way since the introduction of smartphones in the market. Phones were typically used for social media purposes back then, with only small, offline games on people’s mobile phones at max. Nowadays, online gaming has become extremely popular - which seems like a win-win for all stakeholders involved, as gamers love to have competition from other real players instead of the CPU, and these games bring in more money for the developers as well. That’s why in our list of the top 4 grossing games in the Google Play Store, all of them are online multiplayer games. Let’s get into the full list.

Garena Free Fire

free fire

Free Fire is one of the biggest games on the Play Store, as it sits comfortably at the top of the highest grossing games chart. The game follows a battle royale genre inside, which is based on multiple players dropping in a game, and the person who remains the last one standing wins it. The game has different ways to earn revenue, including buying character and gun skins, battle pass and a lot more. None of it affects your ability to play in a game though, as nothing is pay-to-win in the game. Free Fire saw even more users on its platform after PUBG got banned in India, which will only add to the revenue the game is already making.

PUBG Mobile