The Red Magic 6 Transparent Version With Snapdragon 888 - Officially Unveiled

Mar 04, 2021 News

The Red Magic 6 Transparent Version With Snapdragon 888 - Officially Unveiled

In March, we have seen flagship smartphones are revealing one after another. On the evening of March 4, Nubia will also hold a new product launch conference to officially release a new generation of the game flagship- Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6. Before the press conference, Ni Fei, President of the ZTE's Terminal Business Unit and President of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., announced a new easter egg for social media press conference. From the video, the new Red Devils 6 transparent version will also be at the press conference.


Nubia had previously launched the Red Magic 5G deuterium front transparent version. The machine's back panel was built through a complicated process to correctly display all the details inside the fuselage. The new generation of Red Magic 6 transparent version may adopt electrochromic technology. The back panel of the fuselage can achieve one-key transparency, allowing users to see the internal space at a glance.

This year Nubia is about to bring us Tencent Red Devils game phone 6. It is not difficult to find that the Red Devils will be deeply integrated with Tencent Games through the description. If you are a loyal player of Tencent Games, you may wish to look forward to the new phone.


Of course, as a new generation of performance flagship, the hardware configuration of the Red Magic 6 is naturally beyond doubt. The new machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, built-in a new generation of high-speed centrifugal fan, its maximum speed can reach 20,000 rpm, can bring the heat to the outside the fuselage in the first time.

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