The Pixel 2 Series' Android Life Comes To An End

Oct 06, 2020 News

The Pixel 2 Series' Android Life Comes To An End

Recently, the Pixel 2 series, being the vanilla version and the XL, received a new patch update for October, fixing the following issues that were reported by users.  

  • Fix for some devices stuck during boot
  • Fix to prevent inadvertent disablement of call notifications
  • Fix for missing auto-rotate icon in certain device orientations
  • Fix for undetected overview swipe gestures in launcher

However, after this update, the phones will see their last ever patch update from Android in December - skipping November altogether. After the update in December, both Pixel 2 and 2 XL will see the end to their Android life, as they complete 3 whole years of software updates promised from Google - reaching the end finally. This is usually done because older phones can’t handle newer software updates, which is why 3 years is usually the most a phone will get in terms of Android updates.

Both phones came together in 2017 as they were great devices at the time. The Pixel 2 was actually manufactured by HTC at that time - it’s weird thinking about how the Pixel 2 was passed off as a decent size with a screen size of just 5”. The XL was made by LG at that time, and as the name suggests, was a bigger version. Both phones sported the Snapdragon 835 - which was the flagship processor at the time. The Pixel 2 series changed the photography game in mobile devices, as Google’s computational processing was amazing, and soon put the Pixel phones on top of the mobile camera game.

The Pixel 2 cost $649 at that time, and the Pixel 2 XL went for $849.

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