The Nightscape Legend-Infinix Zero 8 is Ready For Purchase!

Oct 17, 2020 News

The Nightscape Legend-Infinix Zero 8 is Ready For Purchase!

Infinix has been a phone manufacturer that hasn’t really done anything significant in the market to be noticed globally. They have been present in the mobile game for quite some time, but still haven’t really used the opportunity to create something that would get them plenty of fame and attention from the buyers. Except for countries like Pakistan, probably no one even knew about the brand, and that it makes smartphones. The reason being, that they usually targeted the budget range, and even then there were mostly better alternatives in the market to consider them over the others.

However, now - things might be changing for the company, as some time back, they announced a phone that caught the eyes of many around the world - and now that device is finally available for purchase. We’re talking about the Infinix Zero 8 - the phone that many were waiting for eagerly, and now it’s in the market ready for consumption. The Zero 8 is a fantastic phone for the $250 price tag it comes along with, as it promises plenty of value in its deal.

First thing to notice about the phone is the giant, 6.8” HD LCD display which also supports 90Hz refresh rate - something that’s rare to see in a 250 dollar smartphone. Moving on, you get a spectacular design, with a diamond layout camera module at the back which definitely adds to the uniqueness of the phone.

infinix zero 8

The performance on the device is top notch as well, as Infinix has decided to go with the Helio G90T from MediaTek, a gaming oriented chipset which will make all gaming lovers jump up with joy. You also get 8 gigs of RAM alongside, and the overall smoothness of the phone will feel seamless as you’ll barely notice any lag or jitter in most tasks.

You also get a 64MP main sensor at the back in the quad camera setup, and a 48MP front camera which will be a delight for selfie lovers. Battery performance seems to be on point as well, with a chunky 4,500mAh unit in the phone, with support of 33W fast charging - again one of the first devices to support charging speeds this fast.

All in all, the Zero 8 is going to be a fan-favourite in a few days, as we can feel users swooning over all the specs and features that Infinix has packed here in just a 250 dollar device.

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