The New Gmail App Has Everything In One Place

Aug 13, 2020 App News

The New Gmail App Has Everything In One Place

Google has been looking to develop its software for quite some time, as it’s trying to be the go-to source for every type of user there is. They have their own email app, their own music and videos app in Youtube, their own phone dialler and messages app and now they even have their own fix for professional meetings and all on Google Meet. However, they realize that a lot of people tend to go to different apps and places to get work done under the same realm. For example, they’d have to check their email for a meeting, then go to another app to have their meeting done, then somewhere else to share files and have an overview of the meeting. Google saw the potential to tie all of this together, and so it did - and it’s in the new Gmail app that’s been rolled out for GSuite users for now.

The new Gmail app: 

  • Has Google Meet integrated inside the app, so if you want to hold any meetings, you can do so inside the Gmail app itself.
  • Integrates other aspects of the professional environment, such as the ability to chat with individuals and send them files.
  • Rooms is another segment inside the Gmail app, in which you can share files and documents with a list of individuals in a particular room.

Basically Google is trying to make you stay inside the Gmail app no matter what sort of work you may have in your professional duties. If you have to share a completed file with the boss with whom you just had a meeting over the “Meet” section inside the app, you can easily do that by going to the Chat or Room section to share the document. This surely takes productivity to a whole new level, and will also reduce the workload for employees.

The new Gmail features are only available currently for people who’ve subscribed to GSuite - Google’s office based subscription. The full version will be out to everyone else in a few weeks time, with the most likely date being the 1st of September. There’s currently no news on the support for iOS right now however, but we can expect Google to work its way towards the Apple side soon as well.

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