The Mobile Phone War Is Intense, Driving The Surge In Lens Shipments And Will Exceed 5 Billion

Apr 13, 2021 News

The Mobile Phone War Is Intense, Driving The Surge In Lens Shipments And Will Exceed 5 Billion

Nowadays, mobile phone manufacturers like to work hard on mobile phone lenses. The pixels of mobile phone lenses are getting higher and higher, and the specifications of lens modules are getting bigger and bigger. Of course, the camera effects of mobile phones are getting better and more professional. Benefiting from this, the size of the mobile phone lens market is getting bigger and bigger. TrendForce Consulting estimates that the shipment of mobile phone lens will exceed 5 billion units in 2021.


From the perspective of primary lens pixels, some Android models will be equipped with 64 million pixels. Their penetration rate will exceed 20% in 2021, the fastest-growing pixel specification among the primary lenses, while iOS maintains a 12MP main lens. The overall image quality is still the priority.

Secondly, from the perspective of CMOS image sensors, brand manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi are also expected to increase the CIS to 1 inch to improve the shooting performance in low light or night scene environments.

Additionally, from the perspective of ultra-wide-angle lenses, it is expected that this year's Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be equipped with VCM (Voice Coil Motor) to strengthen the introduction of autofocus; Huawei and OPPO will also use Freeform Lens to solve the current ultra-wide-angle lens edge Distortion problem.

Finally, from the perspective of the periscope lens, due to the Android camp's significant adoption in 2020, its annual shipment growth rate is as high as 429%. Compared with Apple's optical zoom of only 2.5 times, the periscope optical zoom ratio can reach at least five times, which means that the sharpness is better when shooting remote locations.

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