The Mobile Game Version Of Lol Has Only Been Reviewed For Seven Days.

Feb 16, 2021 Games

The Mobile Game Version Of Lol Has Only Been Reviewed For Seven Days.

The public test of the League of Legends (LOL) mobile version had been conducted in October last year. Countless players have streamed into the mobile game’s Summoner Canyon Map, but players were having severe streaming issues and keen to resolve this challenge. Although some international servers give a better experience, many server accounts are not universal, so players have to wait for the local server to go online.

On February 9th, the local server of the LOL mobile game was finally reviewed. After the news came out, it caused a heated discussion among netizens because the local server review shows the availability of resolution and can be resolved. For a while, the e-sports players are also angry. After all, it is imperative to seize the opportunity because this resolution could result in millions of dollars.


Only 7 days after the review, the former OMG professional elixir showed interest in this issue. First, a special Weibo was posted to indicate that the League of Legends mobile game server was about to release, and then they liked the LOL mobile game official. It also shows that they are working on the resolution.


The TOT team led by the elixir is also the first to establish the LOL mobile game division in China. At present, all TOT members have signed the KS live broadcast. In the player information, netizens were surprised to find that it is the first international service. The team's ADC player TOT Black Marshal is also in the top ten in the global server. From the perspective of paper strength, TOT should be one of the best in China.


As compared to the elixir, Ruofeng's TF and TI teams have already seized the opportunity. First of all, the TI team won the championship in several LOL mobile game events. In the winter game, both TI and TF teams reached the semi-finals. Among them, TF teams also signed KS live broadcast, becoming the first in China.


The top layer in the team, TF Yixujun, is a pro that was reported as an open hanger by the player, and it was officially confirmed that Yixujun is not the backup or secondary player for the team. TF Hangzi is also an additional all-around player. Looking for the IDs of TOT Black Marshals, TF Air Boys, and other players on KS, you can see a lot of pro players.

If you want to win, come and steal the trick if you can.

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