The Latest Updates About Apple Products

Jul 15, 2020 News

The Latest Updates About Apple Products

Apple is one of the most talked about companies in the world, as everyone has their ears open when the company’s name is talked about. Everyone wants to know the latest news, rumours and leaks about their products, and their events are also one of the most attended as well. We have information about the latest update in the Apple world, and what decisions the company is making. We have news about the iPhone 12, iPad Pro and the Macbook Air, or lack thereof.

With the iPhone 12, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing new leaks and rumours about the phone, and we’ve covered them ourselves as well. It’s an extremely hyped smartphone, and it’s mainly due to some new changes coming to the phone, especially in the “high-end” camera department. Apple will allow users to record 4K 120FPS in normal mode, and 4K 240FPS for slow-motion mode only. This is amazing to see in a smartphone, and the high-end cameras that the company talked about will surely play a part in making that happen.

About the iPad Pro - the tablet will come with a new screen which is being called the Mini-OLED, and it’ll apparently be much brighter and sharper than a regular OLED panel, and will provide punchier colors than its predecessor as well. We’ll have to see how big of a difference this move from Apple makes for the new iPad.

The Macbook Air may be getting discontinued, as Apple has decided to make a giant leap towards its own ARM processors inside their future computers, instead of relying on Intel to make those for them. For this reason, we may see future Apple computers fall into one category of “Macbook”. A more premium Macbook Pro could be a lighter and a slightly more powerful version that the company can sell, which will take the place of the Air.

We will see more Apple news next week, and then again the week after that, because that’s how the media revolves around the tech giant, but these are the major updates for this week from Apple.

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