The Freelace Pro Are Supposedly The Apple AirPods Killer Because Of This Feature!

Sep 07, 2020 News

The Freelace Pro Are Supposedly The Apple AirPods Killer Because Of This Feature!

Huawei has recently revealed their new earphones: fit for athletes and gym fanatics; the Freelace Pro. While they may look like your usual pair of earphones with a neckband, Huawei claims they are better than Apple's AirPods with one striking feature.

While Apple's AirPods may have some positive points about it with great, clear sound, aesthetically pleasing looks, sweat resistance and remarkable force sensor - Huawei trumps it all by putting out the Freelace Pro which has active noise cancellation up to 40dB - where AirPods only have 33dB. It reduces sounds better than any other noise cancellation headphones, offers a long battery life, is lightweight, has a non-slip material, and a comfortable and eye-catching design. Huawei also promises that their Freelace Pros ANC outshines the Bose QuiteControl 30s, which were the first great noise cancellation earphones.

It has integrated USB-C charging, water resistance, charges from a smartphone and does not take long to give you a full battery. Its connectivity and battery life has improved since Huawei's previous wireless earphones, the Freebuds.You are able to plug and pair your earphones conveniently - however, the real advantage is getting to charge them using your phone.

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But is that all to make Freelace Pro worth your time and money?

Like every product having impressive characteristics, there are some negatives and cons about it.

Like the AirPods which are exclusively made for Apple users, and choose to serve them first, the Freelace Pros are also similar in this regard. They connect and perform better when paired with a Huawei phone and in order to take full advantage of them, your phone must have the latest updated version of EMUI. Huawei provides noise cancellation, however, that also changes considering the weather, and how windy it is outside, and according to the frequency ranges. As more headphones are being introduced into the market, it's not hard to compare them to Huawei's. However, the Freelace Pros give you a design that fits best to improve workplaces and environments to reduce the risk of any injury or harm. Moreover, the earbuds of these earphones also don't stay in well or fit properly because of their slippery silicone ear tips.

All in all, if you use a Huawei phone then the Freelace Pro earphones are a great choice. They cater to your phone and your needs, don't cost much and are extremely pleasant to use.

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