The Form Of Mobile Phones Is Changing Again! Samsung Is Developing A Dual-Folding Phone

Apr 02, 2021 News

The Form Of Mobile Phones Is Changing Again! Samsung Is Developing A Dual-Folding Phone

Samsung has been struggling hard to promote folding screen mobile phones for the last two years. Samsung also launched the dual-line strategy of Galaxy Z Fold 2 + Galaxy Z Flip, and the practicality of folding screens has dramatically risen, which generated fruitful results.

Samsung's two folding screen mobile phones currently adopt two different forms, Up and Down folding and left and right folding, but Samsung doesn't look satisfied with the status quo.

According to the latest news, Samsung produces a 'next-generation' folding screen mobile phone, which will achieve a double-folding effect, bringing more incredible enhancement in shape. After unfolding the phone, it can make at least a 10-inch display screen.

Samsung is expected to adopt the dual-folding design for its Galaxy Z Fold 3 variant for the first time. Previously, some renderings of the phone were exposed and showed the design of the phone.

According to reports, Samsung has developed two double-folding solutions internally. One of them uses an opening and closing form similar to a Christmas card. The large-size main screen supports folding on both sides, and it also has a small-size secondary screen after being closed.

Another variant turns to a 'Z'-shaped folding. This design makes this phone a single screen while simply unfolded, and a part of the screen replaces the previous screen when folding it; sounds interesting. It is more in line with the naming of Galaxy 'Z' Fold.

However, it should be noted that this 'Z'-shaped folding method will bring a higher thickness than the previous Galaxy Z Fold. Although the screen size has increased again, it is a massive blow to portability. I wonder if Samsung will eventually optimize through some innovative technologies?

According to previous news, Samsung may officially launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model in advance to around May this year, so stay tuned.


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