That Smells! Thai Operators Push The Gold Samsung S21 Ultra To Celebrate The Spring Festival.

Feb 19, 2021 News

That Smells! Thai Operators Push The Gold Samsung S21 Ultra To Celebrate The Spring Festival.

The Chinese New Year holiday has ended, and many companies and government agencies have begun to work. However, according to legal terms, the Spring Festival has not officially been completed, but the most festive period has passed, and most people have returned to work. Recently, a Thai media posted that to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Thai operator True 5G, in collaboration with Samsung and Gold Elite, launched the "Gold Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold" mobile phone.

According to the official introduction, this Gold Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold mobile phone comprises 99.9% real gold. Users who use this phone can also choose a platinum level of True H mobile phone to increase their exceptional luck. To attract more users to buy this customized mobile phone, the operator also specially launched the corresponding mobile phone activity package. These phone users can enjoy the free mobile phone package 1999 baht package for two years and get True Black for two years with free special treatment. This phone's pre-sale period is from February 15 to March 15, and the price is 179,000 baht (approximately 38,700 yuan).

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In other aspects, let's take a look at what is unique about gold in this version of Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. This gold mobile phone, the back cover, and the phone's middle frame are all yellow gold. Even the rear camera part is covered with gold material. A unique logo is lasered under the back cover to highlight its limited edition—the degree of preciousness. In addition to the black display, you can also vaguely see the frame made of gold from the phone’s front.

In short, it’s a luxury which you all should grab!!

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