Telegram Now Allows You To Send 2GB Files Over Its Platform

Jul 28, 2020 App News

Telegram Now Allows You To Send 2GB Files Over Its Platform

In today’s day and age, we all know the Big 5 of the social media world, with Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat leading the way in dominating the social media realm. This is due to the marketing tactics these apps applied and the features they provided which got them the fame they have today. However, a new competitor is on the rise, and it goes by the name of Telegram. The app has slowly been gaining traction in the social media business, as more and more people are starting to get on the platform. Telegram also makes sure it’s always bringing out fresh new content for users, and just like that, a new update is also live now in the market, and the biggest feature is that it allows users to send 2GB files in a single go on the platform.

Several new things have been added to the app, but we’ll just go over the main stuff for you:

Send Files Upto 2GB In Size

Telegram allows users to send extremely large files, specifically upto 2GB in size at a single time - which is one of the best you can get these days.

Set A Profile Video

You can even set a short video as your display on your profile on Telegram, with the ability to choose an image for chat heads and all instead.

Smoothen Faces

Whenever you insert a picture inside the app, when you’re ready to upload one, Telegram actually gives you the ability to smoothen the texture of your face if that’s what interests you!

Filter Messages From Unknowns

You also have the option to set aside and filter messages that you receive from people who aren’t in your contact list. This helps you keep a safety measure on your account.  

Whereas there have been several more new features added to the app, these are the ones that stand out and make the experience a lot better for users, in terms of entertainment and safety. Great work Telegram!

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