Tecno Spark Power 2 Review: 7 Inch Screen!

Jun 20, 2020 Reviews

Tecno Spark Power 2 Review: 7 Inch Screen!

Tecno was a phone manufacturer no one had heard about when it rolled out initially. It still isn’t as popular as you may think, with the majority of people not really knowing about the company at all. That’s understandable, considering how the market is dominated by a handful of smartphone companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi for Pakistan. Perhaps the only way a person might know of Tecno is the fact that it’s a major sponsor for the football club Manchester City, and since football is so popular in Pakistan, it probably would’ve been a good source of marketing in this country. However, Tecno seems to slowly be rising up in trends as people are getting more curious about how good their phones are, and we’re going to talk about their latest addition, the Spark Power 2.

Things To Like

First thing first, the Spark Power 2 has a decent design for the price tag. It comes with a glossy glass back, a water drop notch in the front and overall an attractive build style. Even though this type of design has been overused by a lot of manufacturers in this price tag, it's still a nice looking phone and will help you fit in with the rest. Moving on, we can see that this phone comes with a gigantic 7.00” display size, which can be a make or break for people depending on how they prefer their phones. The screen size can be utilized for a pleasurable media consumption experience, or gaming even (which this phone isn’t good at at all). However, on the other hand, it will be difficult to use this phone with one hand, and it will add onto the weight of the device, which can lead to strain on your wrists over time.

Another positive about this device is its large battery, coming in at 6000 mAh. Most flagships top off at 5000, so it’s nice to see a budget device offering this much mAh for users. Battery life is going to be excellent on this phone, as you’ll easily be able to last 2 days with moderate to heavy use. The Spark Power 2 also supports fast charging of up to 18W, which is another impressive feature, and will juice your phone to about 50% in 60 minutes.

Tecno has also managed to install Android 10, which is currently the latest version of Android if we ignore the beta of Android 11 being out as of now. This is a great trend we’ve started to see in lower end phones, where there is an increasingly growing attention being paid towards the software side of things - because most phones are adamant to provide the best hardware in a smartphone at low prices, that they often compromise on software. However, you get good software on the Spark Power 2, and you get decent hardware too, including a fingerprint scanner on the phone as well.

Things To Dislike

Well, maybe the most important thing in a smartphone is below-par on this phone, and that’s performance. The Spark Power 2 features a MediaTek Helio P22 chipset, which is a budget SoC. Yes the Spark Power 2 is a budget device, and costs roughly around 20,000 PKR, but it’s still important to give users at least decent performance for the price, and Tecno has failed to do that here. The phone reportedly has an Antutu score of about 70,000, which is disappointing to say the least. We expect all 2020 devices with a price tag of above 20k to score above 100,000 at least. You will be good to go with social media usage if that’s your thing, but even then you’ll be facing lags and jitters occasionally. Gaming will be extremely difficult to carry out, as you’ll barely get smooth frame rates, and considering how famous mobile games like PUBG and CoD are in Pakistan, it’s an important aspect of a phone.

Moving on, the display is an issue as well. Tecno should’ve kept a smaller display if they were going to put a sub-par IPS LCD display panel on the Spark Power 2. This leads to a poor ppi of about 255, which will ruin the media experience for most people. I’m sure no one would’ve minded a 6.4 or 6.5 inch display at this price, but i guess the 7 inch screen works for marketing purposes.


All in all, we see why Tecno has slowly been gaining popularity amongst the masses, because it surely is working towards providing decent value for money for users. Apart from the performance and slightly underwhelming display, we love the Spark Power 2 and all it brings with it. The phone will be released for Pakistani markets in a few days from now, so stay tuned! .

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