Tecno Pova Looking To Focus More On Performance

Oct 05, 2020 News

Tecno Pova Looking To Focus More On Performance

Tecno, even while trying their best to market their products properly, still haven’t really figured out the smartphone game in the current day and age. They have decent cameras, huge batteries, but mediocre chipsets - something which is one of the most important features of a phone if not the most important one. However, that was all in their Camon series.- but now they’re releasing a new series which will be a much more performance driven device, and not that expensive as well.

POVA from Tecno is the newest series from the phone manufacturer, and it will feature performance heavy phones at a low budget for gamers. The phone company finally seems to be making some headway as it seems like it has caught on on what runs the smartphone market, and what’s important for users in a phone.

tecno pova

The first model of Tecno POVA looks pretty appealing, with a 6.8” IPS LCD display - of course an LCD panel isn’t the best out there, but considering the modest price the phone is expected to come with - you can’t really complain. Moving on, you get a Helio G80 chipset - which again isn’t the best chip out there, but it’s pretty solid considering the price, and will allow you to play most of the heavy games on smooth frame rates. You also get 6GB of RAM alongside, so you don’t have to worry about the phone’s multitasking capabilities.

pova tecno

Just like every other Tecno phone, the Pova comes with a huge battery unit as well, with 6,000mAh packed inside. You can power it back up with a max support of 18W. The phone is tailored for gaming, as it also has a Game Mode, Game Space and Game Assistant - to make sure gamers feel like they have all the features they need while going at it at their favourite mobile titles.

All in all, the Pova seems like a step in the right direction by Tecno, considering the phone might cost about PKR 28,000 when it does come out.

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