TCL To Manufacturer World's First Dynamic Refresh Rate Display

Jul 09, 2020 News

TCL To Manufacturer World's First Dynamic Refresh Rate Display

TCL is a company that’s well-established in the television industry, as it has plenty of experience in how to make top-notch screens for appealing media consumption at lower costs than its competitors. However, the company doesn’t have nearly as much experience in the smartphone market, as it’s trying to make a name for itself here as well. The mobile market these days is very fierce and unforgiving, as there’s always a competition amongst manufacturers for who’s going to provide better specs for lower costs, and there’s barely any room left for newcomers to make a mark.

However, with moves like TCL is currently making, it isn’t impossible. TCL may be the first manufacturer in the world to finish making a dynamic refresh rate display for smartphones. This means that the screen will be able to automatically switch between a range of 30Hz and 144Hz seamlessly as per the user’s requirement. That is, if you’re going through images or are reading, then the screen will switch to 30Hz itself to save battery - but, if you’re playing games or consuming high-end media, then it will switch back up to suit your needs.

This technology is going to be the first of its kind surely, and we can’t wait for TCL to get done with the display and their smartphone so we can get a closer look at what it may look like when it arrives.

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