Sony To Release 3 Phone Sizes In 2021

Aug 04, 2020 News

Sony To Release 3 Phone Sizes In 2021

Sony has fallen off slightly off their game, as it isn’t really heard or talked about much in the smartphone market, and that’s mostly because of them releasing phones that just don’t offer much compared to other devices. However we’ve got a rumour regarding the company about the phone lineup they’ll be releasing in 2021, and it seems like they’re ready to make a comeback.

Now it does seem early for 2021 leaks, but we can’t just let this one slide, as it’s one of the few (exciting) news to come from Sony all year. The news was seen in a comment made by a user in Android Police, as they said that Sony is coming out with 3 different phone sizes in 2021, with a compact one, a normal variant and lastly a premium model. This won’t be the case in 2020 however, as Sony is looking to ditch the compact version this year in the flagship models - but in 2021, they’ll be releasing all three sizes.

This news was also confirmed by Androidnext, which is a trusted Sony tipper, and thus the news seems to be pretty much confirmed. It’ll be interesting to see whether 2021 may be the year that Sony makes its comeback and climbs back to the top as it once used to.

Source: Androidnext (Japanese) 

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