Snapdragon's 5nm X60 Chip To Feature On iPhone 12

Jun 24, 2020 News

Snapdragon's 5nm X60 Chip To Feature On iPhone 12

Snapdragon is the most trusted chipset used by smartphones in the world. Apart from Apple, which obviously uses its own processor being the A series in its smartphones, most Android phones depend on Snapdragon to provide them chipsets if they want a reliable performance experience. Users also tend to lean towards phones with Snapdragon chips more instead of other manufacturers such as MediaTek, as the prior is just considered to be more stable and trustworthy when it comes to a smooth user experience.

Now even though Apple uses its own SoC for its devices, and they are top-notch to say the least, there still are some roads that are untraveled by Apple, and they need to seek the assistance of other manufacturers for these departments. Now we may see a Snapdragon chipset inside the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 series, but not for the main processor - that’s still going to be the inevitably powerful A14 chip. Snapdragon is expected to provide Apple with 5G connectivity chips, and they’ll likely feature an X60 chip.

Reports from Weibo, a Chinese source, suggest that iPhone 12 will consist of an X60 chipset from Snapdragon to fulfill its 5G connectivity needs. The X60 from Snapdragon is a best-in-class 5G chip in development which will be based on a 5nm foundation. This is going to be the smallest 5G chipset in the market, and will result in better connectivity, increased efficiency and overall faster speeds. Since we all know that Apple tends to do things better than anyone else when it finally hops on a technology, and the same could be the case in 5G connectivity capacities in the iPhone 12.

The X60 is being manufactured as of now, and is expected to be released in September fully, with iPhone 12 probably being the first phone to consist of the powerful 5G chip. We will get more information on the matter when we get closer to iPhone 12’s release.


Weibo (Chinese) 

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