Smartphone Gaming Giant POVA Released in Pakistan by TECNO

Oct 16, 2020 News

Smartphone Gaming Giant POVA Released in Pakistan by TECNO

Tecno is a company that hasn’t really popped off in terms of sales or popularity - but as a company, it surely has lots of potential to be great, and its marketing strategies are an existing proof of that. They market their products and brand really well, and that can be backed up by the fact that they sponsor big name organizations such as the well known football club being Manchester City from the English Premier League.

Tecno did have some phones get decent attention from the consumers in the South and East Asian markets due to lots of mid range and budget range buyers in these countries - but it hasn’t been upto the level of Xiaomi or Realme per se.

However, now they’re releasing a new phone that looks to be amazing - and when you look at the price point, it will definitely put you in a state of shock as it did to us. Tecno is releasing a new phone called the Pova, which is going to be a gaming heavy device, focused on those who love to play demanding games on their portable handheld devices - as not everyone can afford a 1000 dollar PC or a console.

The Pova looks to be extremely promising, and we know everything about the phone - but the phone is finally coming to the market in a few days in Pakistan, as Tecno’s official website in Pakistan has even uploaded the device to their phone list.

tecno pova

The specs seem to be out of this world considering the price this phone comes with - expected to be around 25,000 Pakistani Rupees. Firstly, the design on the phone looks premium and vibrant from the looks part, even though it’s made from plastic, which is expected at this price range. Moving on, the Pova has a gigantic 6.8” display in the front, which is an LCD panel but still doesn’t look too shabby considering it’s not an OLED display.

Coming to the performance side of things, then the Tecno Pova actually has a gaming chipset from MediaTek, being the Helio G80 - paired with 6 gigs of RAM, as this phone for the price actually packs some serious punch. Moreover, it has a massive 6,000mAh battery, along with support of 18W fast charging - both of which are tremendous to see at this price range.

All in all, the Tecno Pova looks to be a great bang for your buck if you need a powerful phone for your PUBG needs under 30,000. Tecno Pova launch is expected soon in Pakistan, as we should get the bomb on us in a few days.

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