Slack Releases A New Beta UI With Improved Gesture Controls

May 07, 2020 App News

Slack Releases A New Beta UI With Improved Gesture Controls

The corporate world is rapidly moving forward with improvements in its ways of communication and whatnot. Some workplaces don’t even require employees to show up to work every day because of how they’ve optimized their work-from-home strategies so efficiently, and amidst these COVID-19 conditions, such steps are needed now more than ever before. Slack is one such app that helps companies keep in touch with their employees, and effectively get their work done from home without causing a downfall in productivity.

With the new Android beta out for testing, Slack introduces a slick new UI that allows users to navigate through their app more easily. In the bottom bar, 4 options are displayed: You, Mentions, DMs, and Home. These are the four most important tabs that you’ll be working with throughout your daily business activity, and thus the significant placement in the bottom bar.

Moreover, the gesture control system, though not the easiest to memorize, helps keep the Android built-in gestures at bay, so they don’t interfere with the app’s gestures. Swiping from the left will take you to the previous menu you were on, and swiping from the right will bring up the sidebar which contains all of your different chats, channels, and important notifications in one place. It distinguishes itself from Android’s gestures due to the fact that you don’t need to swipe from the edge to complete the gesture.

To witness the beta yourself, just agree on opting for the beta track in the playstore, and update your app to the latest version and you’re good to go!

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