Simulation Games Seeing A Huge Increase In Revenue

Aug 30, 2020 Games

Simulation Games Seeing A Huge Increase In Revenue

Mobile gaming has seen an extreme hike in downloads and popularity over the last few years, as it is no lie that the industry has boomed along with the modernization of smartphones. Mobile devices were not at all what they used to be, as they barely had the capacity to run powerful games - hence the titles that were actually famous back in the day were arcade titles and games that required lower processing power like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. Now things are much different than they used to be, as there are full game titles from the likes of Rockstar Games - including GTA San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III. This shows the capability of mobile devices to run console games with ease.

One genre of the gaming industry which has particularly seen immense growth in the past year is actually simulation. This includes the games which you mostly see advertisements across social media platforms. This also consists of Sandbox titles - including Sims for mobile as well. The genre saw an increase in revenue of 63.2% - which tops other major genres including Racing, Shooting and Casino games. Sandbox was the most popular sub-genre which saw a 96.5% YoY increase in revenue - which includes popular titles like Roblox.

Downloads Tell A Different Story

However, when it comes to app download numbers - then the story is a bit different. Casino games, mostly slot games saw the most downloads out of all, with an increase of 39.1%, totalling 89.4 million downloads. That also makes sense because these games are exciting for most people, and also have a lot of ads across the internet - which is extremely important for a game to sell these days.

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