Signal Spikes In Downloads Within China After Trump Decides To Ban WeChat

Aug 08, 2020 App News

Signal Spikes In Downloads Within China After Trump Decides To Ban WeChat

The tension between the US government and China continues to grow day by day, as both countries are in a constant clash of words, bans and sanctions against each other. We saw the US ban Huawei from providing it with any services, which meant Google had to stop providing the biggest phone maker in the world its software and services. In more recent news, President Trump signed an executive order to ban Tiktok if it doesn’t sell its services to Microsoft within a given timeline, as he claimed that the app sends users’ data to the Chinese government. Whereas in China, most American social media apps are banned, such as Whatsapp and Telegram.

WeChat is the Chinese solution for social media, as it covers chatting, games, ride sharing and a lot more stuff under one app, as it's the biggest app in China by far. However, seeing its growth in America, Trump has now ordered for the app to be banned within the US - again giving the same reasoning as the app gives the users’ data to the Chinese government. The same hasn’t been seen from China however, as Signal - an American chat app that is often praised for its security levels - was said to skyrocket in downloads in China hours before Trump’s order to ban WeChat in the US. Signal also reached the number 1 spot in apps in Hong Kong, and seems like it might just do the same in China now as well. However, the success may be short lived, as China hasn’t been reluctant to ban non-Chinese apps gaining popularity within the country.

It will be interesting to see how the situation develops within China regarding Signal, as they will probably look to ban the emerging app as the US has done with their powerhouse app being WeChat.

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