Sharp Aquos R3 Pirce & Specifications In Pakistan

Jun 18, 2021 Reviews

Sharp Aquos R3 Pirce & Specifications In Pakistan

Sharp is celebrating the comeback to market with a mid range smartphone that has features as good as any flagship mobile phone. It’s an excellent choice to grab and you can get a used Sharp Aquos R3 in under Rs. 30,000 that is available in different retail shops of Pakistan. It’s a smartphone that has the ability to stand out and it caused stir even in the high end flagship market with its flagship like features and specifications. Let’s see what Sharp Aquos R3 is all about. 

Design And Interesting Double Notch 


Sharp Aquos R3 was originally released in 2019 from Japan then to all over the world including Pakistan. As soon as it was launched people were pondering over the double notch that is seen on the display. The notch gets visible when the phone lights up and people are having mixed thoughts about it. First notch is angled on the upper screen for the front camera. Moreover, the lower notch makes you think twice. The exact reason of the second notch is not cleared since the fingerprint sensor is placed at the back due to the TFT panel.

The Sharp Display Makes You Forget Any Flaw 

Sharp Aquos R3 features a display of 120Hz. If you ignore the double notch , the IGZO display is sharp look yet pleasing to use. The phone provides an experience of butter type smooth display and non flickering images appearance. It’s one of the most handy phone for YouTubers or Vloggers, whenever you wish to show a phone on screen the screen can be recorded without any worry of flickering images. It’s amongst the very few phones in the market that could be trusted for a flicker free image experience. 

Software And Performance


Sharp delivery this underrated mid ranger flagship phone with Android 9.0 Pie. And obviously it has a touch of Sharp flair as well. Sharp has a independent software interface but a core Android user will not have the expectations fulfilled here. Sharp definitely improved itself on the performance side. When it comes to performance the current devices we’re higher in level than sharp phones but with these upgrades Sharp Aquos R3 is truly a smartphone that holds potential to compete with the flagship smartphones. It stores Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 inside with 6GB RAM and storage of 128GB. It has enough power to support games like PUBG and Fortnite at a high resolution. It can surely keep up with the level of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 3. 

Camera Is A Feature That Needs An Upgrade 

This is the time when people give more focus to the camera than any other feature or specifications. The on going trend of social media, users want to click effortless images with highest quality, bookeh lens and good pixels. Aquos R3 is a performance focused smartphone rather than investing on the camera. However, for a decent photography there has been work done and it will definitely give qualified results in a good light with with dual camera setup that includes 12.2 mega pixel main camera with fast focus and also a 20.1 mega pixel sensor that used Quad Bayer filter. 


Probably to make Sharp Aquos R3 slimmer, manufacturers used a smaller battery for this high performing smartphone. Users get a 3,200mAh battery and makers have high hopes that software impact can make the battery last much longer for use since the software plays a big role to safe up an adequate amount of battery power. 


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