Samsung's One-UI Might Feature Ads In The Future

Jun 09, 2020 News

Samsung's One-UI Might Feature Ads In The Future

Even though Android is the base and foundation of every Android phone’s software, every Android phone also has its own Operating System that it works on. This is built upon the code of Android, but it can completely make or break user experience depending on how the smartphone company decides to design their OS. There are numerous well-known OS in the game right now, and the most famous ones include Samsung’s One UI, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and Google Pixel’s ChromeOS. Generally, the more stock experience an OS provides, the better it’s considered to be. Now, Samsung’s One UI doesn’t look like stock Android at all, but it’s considered to be one of the best OS thanks to its design and features. However, that opinion might change based on what we’re hearing about the new update coming to One UI. 

It’s come to our hearing that Samsung, in a future update, might be considering bringing ads to the user interface. This means that you’ll likely see ads in the lock screen, and will have to wait a few seconds before you can proceed to using your phone. This seems like an annoyance, and something Samsung will certainly face backlash for. Now we already see this in some mid-range Chinese phones, including Xiaomi’s MIUI; but these phones are cheaper in price, and considering Samsung has the largest market share for smartphones, they shouldn’t be looking to make profits based on ads as well. 

It will be insensible to buy a 1000 dollar smartphone which will consist of ads in the UI, and that’s something Samsung would probably understand as well. That’s why we feel that the ads will only feature on Samsung’s mid-range A and M series, and it will keep them off on their flagship devices. 

Now whether this rumour is true or false is yet to be known, but we surely do hope that Samsung doesn’t advance with this decision. 

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