Samsung's New S20 Cheaper Variant Will Have This Much Awaited Feature!

Aug 15, 2020 News

Samsung's New S20 Cheaper Variant Will Have This Much Awaited Feature!

Since last year, Samsung has actually upped the prices of their phones by a lot, and that decision was creating an outrage from fans and journalists alike, as an S10 Plus cost about a 1000 US Dollars, which is insanely expensive for a smartphone. So to balance that out, Samsung also released a cheaper version of their S10 phone lineup, with the S10 Lite, a much more cheaper alternative to the other devices, as it compromised on the non-important aspects of a smartphone. Now with the S20 series, prices have gone even higher, and so Samsung is again releasing another cheaper alternate version to the other flagship phones, and it’s going to have a feature that people are going to love.

The S20 FE, short for Fans Edition is coming out soon, and although it won’t have the specs and power to match the flagships in its series, being the S20 and the S20 Ultra, it’s going to have one feature which will surely please fans. The S20 FE is reportedly coming out with a 120Hz refresh rate display, as the feature was missing on even the highest order of Samsung flagships last year. Samsung providing this feature on a cheaper device is a great sight to see, and perhaps sets the tone of things to come in the future, as we’ve repeatedly seen companies paying more attention to users who reside in the mid range spectrum of smartphones.

Now hearing S20 FE is 120 Hz which makes sense as there is some S20+ panel inventory.

To put things in perspective, Apple is still, quite shamelessly, stuck on 60Hz displays, and will likely continue that on the iPhone 12 as well. The company is planning to sell their only smartphone series of the year, and the base version, which will definitely cost over 500 dollars is going to stick with a modest 60Hz refresh rate screen. Maybe seeing Samsung go for a 120Hz option on the upcoming S20 FE might push Apple to include higher refresh rate displays on future mid range devices as well, or at least their own flagships.

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