Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Event Will Bring 5 New "Power" Devices

Jul 20, 2020 News

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Event Will Bring 5 New "Power" Devices

Samsung is looking to make a comeback in the tech world, as it’s trying to get back some of its followers that it may have lost due to the below-par quality of the S20, or the coronavirus situation. It’s been confirmed that their event is going to be held on the 5th of August, which will be called “Galaxy Unpacked”. Samsung has confirmed that it is going to release 5 new power devices in their unpacked event, and it has given the tech community something to talk about for the next few weeks or so.

The main question is, what devices are they going to release in the event, and what devices will be listed in those 5 that are mentioned by Samsung? Well, for starters, we know that the Note 20 is going to be released in the event, and there’s a high chance that it will have a Pro or Ultra version to go along with it. That counts for 2 of the 5 devices. We’ve also heard rumours about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 coming out in August as well, and it’s likely to be featured in this event as well. A smartwatch could be the 4th device on this list, as we’ve been waiting on the Galaxy Watch 3 for quite some time now, and it could very well drop in the unpacked event. The last device seems unclear right now, but it could be a new Galaxy Tab, or a mid range phone, or even the Galaxy Z Flip 2.

It’s all a waiting game from now on, as we’ll have to stay tucked in till Samsung releases more information about the event - but the news of the Korean giant releasing 5 different major devices is a welcoming one, as it will amuse Samsung fans of all branches, and perhaps that’s what the company needs right now for its growth too.

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