Samsung's Exynos 2100 Surpasses Snapdragon 875 In Benchmarks

Oct 12, 2020 News

Samsung's Exynos 2100 Surpasses Snapdragon 875 In Benchmarks

Most phones in the Android smartphone world rely on Snapdragon to get their SoC provided - as Qualcomm produces plenty of chipsets for smartphones on different ranges - be it for top tier flagship phones, or low-end budget devices. Then there are other devices which can’t afford Qualcomm, and rather go with MediaTek for their chips, and they’ve made a great name for themselves in the market as well as a solid contender.

However, Samsung, since 2016, has been doing its own thing, with its own lineup of Exynos chipsets in the market to power its phones. Most of Samsung’s global variants sport the Exynos chipset inside. But since 2016, Samsung has also been accused that their chipset is always outperformed by Snapdragon chipsets - be it in speed, power or battery life.

The Korean giant is now making major moves to change that mindset. Recently, the Exynos 1080 was announced, as it’s already signs of surpassing Qualcomm, with benchmarks being greater than the current king of Snapdragon’s chips, being the 865+. However, that’s not where it ends, as Samsung has another thing coming for us. Another 5nm based chipset is being manufactured by Samsung, being the Exynos 2100 - as it’s looking to beat even the upcoming Snapdragon 875 that Qualcomm will be bringing out soon.

Samsung has upped their game so much that Qualcomm has reportedly asked the company to manufacture the upcoming Snapdragon 750 chipset.

According to benchmarks, the Exynos 2100 is already showing benchmark scores higher than the Snapdragon 875 - which will come as chocolate to the ears of Samsung - as they’ll finally be able to claim themselves as the best chipset provider in the smartphone world.

This boost in performance is due to Samsung using ARM’s cores in the chip, which has resulted in great upgrades in performance for the Korean phone maker. This is also going to mean good for the market, as it will lower prices with Qualcomm finally having a decent competitor, and other companies going to Samsung for their chips instead of the prior being practically in a monopoly.

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