Samsung's App Store Is Focusing Heavily On Gamers

Nov 01, 2020 News

Samsung's App Store Is Focusing Heavily On Gamers

Samsung has a lot going for its company at the moment, as it couldn’t have a better time period to rule as the biggest phone maker in the world - with the quickly emerging Huawei now out of the picture due to the sanctions imposed on them by the US administration. Samsung is seemingly making ground where others have traveled backwards - something which is going to pay off really well for them in the near future.

The Korean manufacturer is a lot more software oriented now than it was in the past. Fancy phones and great designs are still in the portfolio of Samsung - but they’ve grown their company to much more balanced playgrounds now, as they are getting advanced in software related areas as well.

One of the more impressive feats from Samsung is their app store - which is not yet at the level of Google’s or Apple’s - but it’s slowly getting there, and it certainly looks promising for one specific type of consumer. We’re talking about gamers - Samsung has done a lot in the recent past to cover the interests of gamers, and is slowly but surely growing their arsenal at the topic at hand. Perhaps this can be best seen by the fact that the Samsung App Store is the only store on mobile devices which can safely download Fortnite - being the only way to download the game other than from Epic’s own APK.

Moreover, Samsung also made a deal with Xbox, and is going to include the Xbox Game Battle Pass in the near future which will allow users to take advantage of Xbox’s cloud gaming on Samsung phones - at least the more powerful ones.

Now, their app store even looks to be oriented more towards gamers, as on the home screen, you get two options - Apps, and games, which shows that the Korean phone maker is committed to making gamers satisfied, as they make a huge percentage of their overall sales.

All in all, if you love gaming, and want to take it a step further - then a Samsung flagship might be the right decision for you.

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