Samsung Will Now Offer 3 Years Of Android OS Upgrades

Aug 18, 2020 News

Samsung Will Now Offer 3 Years Of Android OS Upgrades

Samsung’s software policy has been talked about a lot in recent history, as it has had its ups and downs during its course. Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and there’s a certain level of standard that you have to uphold - and regarding software, Samsung hasn’t really been able to fulfill that completely. We had the Galaxy Fold which was a phone that cost about 2,000 dollars - that’s a hell of a lot when it comes to pricing for a handheld device. However, even at that cost, Samsung had promised only 2 years of complete Android OS upgrades - which caused immense uproar from the community.

Imagine paying two-whole-grands, and only being able to keep the phone for 2 years. This is also the trend we see in other manufacturers too, as barely any phone company actually offers 3 or more years of complete OS upgrades from Android. For starters, you get the Google phones which receive 3 years of support - which is expected since Android is basically owned by Google. OnePlus offers that too - a huge reason for their loyal fanbase. And finally, Apple gives iOS updates for old devices as well, as even iPhone 6s has the latest iOS 13.

Now, Samsung is finally joining the premium gang, as they’ve announced that they’ll be offering up to 3 years of complete OS upgrades for their devices - a news that will be chocolate for the ears of many Samsung fans, especially those who have bought either the A51 or A71, since they’re included in Samsung’s plans too! Of course the Korean giant couldn’t include every phone that they make in this 3 year OS plan, because of hardware limitations, but thankfully, they’ve added the A51 and A71 in it, and considering the popularity of both those phones - it’s going to get Samsung a lot of praise.

This move will also result in Samsung getting a major shift in power when buying a phone for yourself, as sustainability is a huge aspect to consider when making a smartphone choice. Samsung will be considered better in this regard than its competition, like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and many more. Great decision by Samsung here!

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