Samsung To Release A Low-End Device Soon: Geekbench Scores Revealed

Jun 11, 2020 News

Samsung To Release A Low-End Device Soon: Geekbench Scores Revealed

Samsung is usually known for the flagship it produces, being the Galaxy S and Note series. It’s no doubt that Samsung is one of the top manufacturers in the smartphone market, and the fact that it has the biggest market share for mobile devices is evidence of that. In recent times, Samsung has also started focusing on the mid-range market, with devices like the A51 and A71 being amazing options for the price point. However, Samsung also operates in the lower end of the smartphone spectrum, and we may just see its cheapest phone as of now, as we’ve gotten information about a Samsung device with an unknown name. 

The Geekbench score of the device being the only source of information at hand, we can see that the new device will feature 1GB RAM, and a lower-end MediaTek processor to serve the low-pricing purpose. The phone may be a sequel to the Samsung A01 that was released earlier this year as a budget device. The model known as SM-A013F will also have a removable battery, which is something that’s long been forgotten, as it’s not really needed to take the battery out of a phone nowadays - but if you feel like you were a fan of those, then you can be pleased about the fact that you can get one on this upcoming Samsung device. 

With Geekbench single core and multi-core scores being 585 and 1665 respectively, we expect the device to be average in performance, and not really meant for heavy tasks. And considering all of this information at hand, the device is very well going to be a sub-70 dollar device, or even cheaper. 

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