Samsung S20 FE Review: Pixel 5 Watch Out!

Oct 01, 2020 Reviews

Samsung S20 FE Review: Pixel 5 Watch Out!

Samsung has been releasing phones for about a decade now, as it continues to give us excellent devices at different prices year in year out. Matter of fact, if you head on to Samsung’s website right now, and sort their phones from an ascending order of price, you’ll see just how wide the variety of Samsung’s devices is. You’ll find phones below a 100 bucks, and phones over 3 grands - which is absurd to say the least. Having said that, the Korean giant is looking to penetrate another price region now - one that looks to be quite promising in the recent days, as it recently released the S20 FE, short for Fan Edition - a phone that has top notch specs, with a few corners cut at a price much lower than the usual flagships they offer.

The S20 FE is a great package overall - and the corners cut won’t have much drawbacks in real-world usage.

The S20 FE comes with amazing performance out of the box, with a Snapdragon 865 inside, the latest chipset just behind the 865+ - along with 6 gigs of RAM and 128GB of storage in the base model. The phone will also of course support 5G connectivity. The cameras on the phone will be a triple setup in the back, with a 12MP main shooter, an 8MP telephoto, and a 12MP wide-angle lens - a setup we feel works the best out of all others out there. The main shooter has the capability of taking great shots in decent lighting, with well-detailed images, ample dynamic range and barely any noise at all. The saturation might get a little overboard at times, but that’s expected from Samsung’s image processing software.

How Does The Phone Look?

s20 fe

Well, the size of the phone remains large, as the S20 FE comes with a 6.5” AMOLED display with a support of 120Hz refresh rate - although the resolution of the screen maxes out at 1080p, however, it seems like a smart corner to cut costs from. The phone also boasts a Gorilla Glass 3 in the front of the device, with the back only coming with a plastic frame. All in all, the phone’s still well designed, and we might be fans of the whole matte look that comes with the FE.

The battery situation of the phone seems pretty decent as well to say the least, with a 4,500mAh battery unit inside, along with a fast charging ability of up to 25W - not the best out there, but still quick enough. 

So, what compromises have been made in the S20 FE?

Well, the first thing to observe is the inferior build quality - as the phone fails to bring any feel or look of premium-ness as Samsung devices usually do. The back is also made of plastic, and Gorilla Glass 3 has become outdated as well. Moreover, the screen maxes out at 1080p, which isn’t really a big deal because most people don’t even stream content in resolution higher than 1080p - but a higher resolution display is still a joy to look at nonetheless.

s20 fe


Even though we acknowledge the corners cut by Samsung on the S20 FE to bring the price down to a much more modest, $699, it’s to be noted that these compromises don’t really have any effect on your phone usage in real life. The compromises made are smart, and the most important aspects of a phone have been kept in place by the Korean phone maker. We find it difficult for the Pixel 5 to make any progress with the S20 FE in the market alongside it - both phones being at the same price as of now.

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