Samsung Regains Spot As Biggest Phone Maker In The World

Oct 17, 2020 News

Samsung Regains Spot As Biggest Phone Maker In The World

The year of 2020 has really changed things up for everyone in every different field - as some got benefits from the situation, and most faced losses. The market of smartphones was hugely affected as well, as COVID-19, amongst some other major factors, played a significant role in changing the tides of the market. Earlier this year, during the summers Huawei actually topped Apple and Samsung, and clinched the title for the biggest phone maker in the world, with the largest market share out of all other developers. However, things have changed now that we’ve reached the last quarter of 2020, and Huawei has certainly lost its position.

Enter: Samsung.

Samsung has been on the top for a while, and it has finally regained its number one spot from Huawei for the biggest market share in smartphones. This is mostly due to the changes due to the coronavirus being struck globally - but maybe the most important aspect is the pile of issues that the Chinese giant has had to face with the US - perhaps the most powerful country in the world. After getting in a war with the US administration, Huawei faced multiple bans and sanctions - which limited the available services to their phones, and caused a severe drop in sales and popularity - at least outside of China.

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In the chart, we can see that Samsung leads all other manufacturers, sitting in at 22% of the market share. Huawei dropped 5%, but is still the second largest phone maker as of now at 16% - Apple follows with 12%, a percentage that will certainly go up near the end of the year after their phones have been properly launched.

Other phone makers are making up significant ground as well, with Xiaomi being the 4th largest OEM, sitting just 1% below Apple. As things seem to be, it seems like Huawei is well on its decline, and will fall out of the top 3 spot, with Xiaomi being the first one to take it.

Manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei usually get more market share because of how many phones they produce in all different price ranges - whereas phone makers like Apple or OnePlus only release a few models each year, which explains the lower market share.

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