Samsung M51 Goes Live In The European Market

Aug 31, 2020 News

Samsung M51 Goes Live In The European Market

Samsung’s mid range lineup of phones have been anything but excellent, at least in their reception from the customers, as they provide a great bit of performance, user experience and the good ol’ Samsung’s reliability - something you don’t get with most other manufacturers. The A series have been one of the most popular mid range devices in the market, especially the A51 as it’s become a name that’s heard everywhere in the smartphone community. Now, Samsung has included another mid range series in their arsenal, with the M series giving a serious competition to other manufacturers, and its very own A series as well. Now, as we covered the rumours of the M51 coming into existence from Samsung, now it’s been confirmed and the phone is officially live in Germany.

The main talking point of the M51 has to be the ginormous 7,000mAh battery, which is easily going to last 2 days of heavy usage. It’s also paired with 25W fast charging which could make this phone have the best battery performance in the market. Moving on, it features a 6.7” AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 730 for processing power and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The back features a quad camera setup, with a 64MP main shooter heading the way - definitely going to be a decent performer.



If we talk about the pricing set by Samsung, then in the German market, the phone is live for 360 Euros, which would translate roughly to about 70,000 Pakistani Rupees. This seems like a good price for the feature list the Korean company is offering, but it might not be able to beat the likes of Pixel 4a and - if you spend a little bit extra - the great, OnePlus Nord.

The phone has an all around great spec list, including of course the huge battery, a screen on the bigger size which is also expected to be a gorgeous display - but like the trend we’ve seen on Samsung’s mid range phones, the hit is going to be noticed on the processing side of things, as at this price, the Snapdragon 730 doesn’t seem like the ideal processor - because the Pixel 4a, a cheaper device, has a 730G. Nonetheless, it’s surely going to get tons of attention due to user preference and popularity in the Asian market.

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