Samsung Last Flagship Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra - All You Need To Know!

Jun 16, 2021 Reviews

Samsung Last Flagship Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra - All You Need To Know!

Samsung is all set with its high end Galaxy S series. The series include Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. There’s uncompromising difference between the S21 ultra that cost Rs. 216,999 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G that is for Rs. 184,999 

Display Of The Samsung Galaxy S21 And S21 Ultra 


We can see that after a couple of series, the S21 and S21 ultra looks distinctive than the past Galaxy S series smart phones. The camera is more sorted into a corner featuring a tri-camera, looking way too different than an Iphone’s triple cameras too. The colour theme is again standing out and Samsung is set for its take on another lilac plus rose gold combination for the body of Samsung Galaxy S21 however you can get the basic colours too. On design perspective Samsung has worked nicely. The bump as well is an important part to assemble everything with an alignment of camera. Moving on to the resolution it has been lowered on the normal Galaxy S21 but Ultra still got the benefit of high resolution and that could be the biggest difference between the both. The display is 6.2 inch with 1080p resolution for the non ultra S21. 

The Battery Life 

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S21 to draw power from it’s 4,000mAh battery, it has the same capacity compared to the ones released last year. Moreover, thanks to the adaptive chipset, advanced processor and balanced refresh rate we can expect the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra to show off a better endurance level than the previously released flag ship smartphones. Another news related to charge is that Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra comes without any charger in the box that clearly means that you have to buy your own charger and USB-A-to-C works with it well. 

Software And Insights 


Samsung Galaxy S21 straightforwardly came out with the Android 11 with recent promise for 3 major updates. So, even in 2023 your Samsung Galaxy S21 will be eligible to receive a new Android upgrade. On other hand users get OneUI 3.1 over Google OS, you can find occasional change from the UI here and there, it’s easy to say that the UI seems familiar to the predecessors. 



Again with the camera we see some similarities with the previously released flagship smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S20. However, in S21 the camera looks fine and we can say it without the doubt it suits the body of this flagship product. The camera Apps deserves the credit to evolve with newly added tweaks and additions that users will get the advantage from. The rear camera is arranged as 12 mega pixel, 12 mega pixel and a 64 mega pixel lens, in addition to that the pro mode now allows the usage of ultra wide camera but the telephoto lens is still out of the reach for the Pro mode. The day light shots are as appealing as expected from it. The colour and pattern of the pictures comes out with perfect saturation with a very controlled noise. Moreover, in the low light Samsung Galaxy S21 continues to maintain a very strong quality of images. We can see from the samples that white balance is accurate and saturation is also on point in low light images taken from Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. In the recent UI for the camera the Live focus is renamed as the available portrait mode, it does the same job and seamlessly focuses the image for a better clarity of the picture. 

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