Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Will Come With Plenty Of New Features

Jul 25, 2020 News

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Will Come With Plenty Of New Features

The Galaxy Unpacked event is not too far away, as it’s scheduled for the 5th of August by Samsung. The Korean giant has revealed that it’s going to release 5 major devices in the event, and it’s a huge probability that one of those devices will be a Galaxy Watch, the 3rd iteration of it to be particular. We have been covering and hearing new news of the Galaxy Watch 3 from the past few weeks, and now we have even more news about the watch’s features thanks to some deep-diving from the XDA team.

The watch is going to feature two new gestures this time, with the first one being a simple twist of the wrist to silence any incoming call or a ringing alarm - pretty ordinary. But then we have another gesture where you can clench and unclench your fist to answer an incoming call. A similar gesture to this one is to snap a picture or take a video, where you can simply make a fist and then open it to carry it out. Samsung has also mentioned more support for the visually impaired people, as it allows the users to increase the size of icons, and even tweak the contrast of the display to suit them better. The company even confirmed a wide variety of watch faces, and an option to have those watch faces shuffle on a regular basis so you don’t get bored from viewing the same one.

All in all, the Galaxy Watch 3 looks like a promising addition to the smartwatch world, and will surely be amongst the best smartwatches in the market for quite some time.

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