Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: The Rotating Bezel Is Back!

Aug 13, 2020 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: The Rotating Bezel Is Back!

Samsung has far and wide been the best and most clear option for smartwatch lovers when it comes to the Android side of things - as Apple Watch still remains the best smartwatch for iOS users. There have come other smartwatch manufacturers in the game, like Google, Garmin and Huawei. However, none of them have really caught on to Apple as much as Samsung has, and it still is considered to be the face of smartwatches - if you have an Android device, that is. The Galaxy Watch 3 was released a few weeks ago, and it brings a lot of good to the table, and we’re here to go in depth about all that, so keep reading for our full review of the Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung.


Yes, you already know that the main design aspect of this watch is going to be the return of the rotating bezel. Samsung has been known for putting rotating dials on their smartwatches until it stopped in the Active Watch series. However, it’s finally back again, and it’s slimmer than ever. It’s a lot better in functionality and on the “cool” scale when compared to its competitor in the Apple Watch Series 5, as the latter uses a small crown for the same purpose. The Galaxy 3 is also a lighter and slimmer watch than its predecessors, as it’s definitely one of the most comfortable pieces that Samsung has ever come up with.

The overall metallic finish on the watch helps elevate the looks, and sticks to the sporty aesthetic that Samsung has stuck with for quite some time now. Sure, it doesn’t match up to Apple’s classy design which could very well work in formal events as well, but it still is a decent design layout, and ultimately depends on each person’s preference.


Tizen OS is the major difference seen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as compared to other non-iOS watches, which mainly run on Google’s WearOS. Tizen actually ties in well with the Samsung software, and provides impressive functionality in the watch. However, the app library here is very limited when compared to Apple, as only some of the major third party apps are available on Tizen like Spotify. However, you do get the possibility to choose from about 80,000 different variations of the watch face - so you aren’t falling out on customizability at least.

In terms of sensors, the Watch 3 is great, as it can seamlessly measure what sports or activity you’re doing, and even track your sleep while giving you an overall score based on the quality of sleep you’ve had. There’s also physical capacity of EKG and blood pressure detection in the watch, as they’ll probably be seen on the watch in the near future with a software update when they get clearance for it.


It’s important to consider the price of a tech device before you buy it or even consider it as a viable option - and Samsung is not holding back at all. The Korean giant knows that its competition isn’t with the likes of Fitbit or Garmin - rather it’s with Apple, and they’ve priced their product similarly as well.

The 41mm version will set you back a casual $400, and the larger 45mm version will cost you 30 bucks extra. If you can afford that sorta money, then well and good - if you can’t then go for cheaper alternatives!

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