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Aug 02, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, A Much Awaited Leak

Jun 07, 2021 News

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, A Much Awaited Leak

Samsung Galaxy FE, we expect this range to be a great combination of power, looks and price range. And now the leak of colour scheme Samsung Galaxy FE 21 has been out with some of the most attracting features and looks. It is a much awaited release and the phone is expected to get released in third half of 2021. That means there’s still some time to find out the exact results. The most prominent and enticing leak we got to know about is the creative colour range. 

The Color Range Of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Is Irresistible 

The colour range is delightfully refreshing and unique. Olive green is one of the eye catching colour that looks like something most suitable a soldier would carry. Another colour is something suitable to lilac. Moreover, lilac is one of the most trending hue. It actually suits the screensaver of the new S21 FE. 


If we move onto the basic colours, the white is relatively different and an outstanding shade. The black looks very matte and dark and white is unusually bright in shade. 


Besides the colours, the design is also bezel free on the front and rear camera has a three sensor set up at the back. It resembles the previous Samsung Galaxy S21. 


There’s not much information leaked about the specifications but people have a high expectations from the features too. However, we got the news that it has an impressive battery of 4,500mAh. For more we have to wait until the official featured and specifications get released from Samsung being another edition at an attractive price point and multiple range of colours so far. 

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