Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Still The Best Android?

May 18, 2020 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Still The Best Android?

Samsung has been reigning as the best android smartphone manufacturer for quite a while now, especially with its Galaxy S and Note series. However, it may not be the case now due to making tradeoffs that might not cater to the masses. That is not to say that the S20 is a below-par phone - it still is in the top tier of smartphones and we’ll tell you exactly why.

Samsung has been checking all of the 5 pillars of smartphones for a couple of years now with its flagships. What are the five pillars though?

Well as described soundly by Marquees Brownlee, or more commonly known as MKBHD, a smartphone should tick 5 checkboxes to make a great smartphone: battery, performance, display, cameras and build. Samsung has been top-notch in all of these departments, explaining why they’ve been the face of the android smartphone world for some time now. The same is the case with the latest addition to its arsenal, with the S20 clearing all the benchmarks required to be one of the best smartphones in the market.

Best In-Class Display

There is absolutely no doubt that Samsung has the best screens in any smartphone, period. This has been the case since probably over the last 5-6 years, as they’ve always made sure they’re the standard when it comes to smartphone displays. Not only have they been making top-of-the-class displays for their own phones, but if you find a phone from any other phone with an amazing display, it’s more than likely that it was manufactured by Samsung as well.

 A bright and vivid display on the S20 allows for a pleasing experience while using the phone, with the visibility outdoors not being an issue whatsoever as well. The changes that Samsung has brought to the S20 with relevance to 2020 are worth noting though, and probably are the reason its screen is a step ahead of the pack. A high refresh rate display is a feature that has spoiled most smartphone users these days, and Samsung has decided to aggravate that further by housing a 120Hz display, making the usage incredibly smooth.

Once you’re in, you can’t leave.

Moreover, after facing criticism on the curved edge displays because of the numerous accidental touches that it would respond to, Samsung decided to opt for a flat-screen this time - and no one’s complaining!

Above-Par Battery

Samsung did get ample backlash in its earlier models due to not having a decent enough battery. But after the introduction of Note 7, Samsung has not looked back ever since. With a 4000 mAh battery, you can easily pull out a decent 5 hour on-screen usage period. Now that might not be amongst the best of the best smartphone battery lives, and frankly it isn’t, but considering that you’re getting that much juice out of the S20 with the 120Hz option on, it’s pretty impressive.

Blazing Fast

Samsung’s new flagship might be one of the fastest phones currently in the market, with its Antutu scores falling short of just OnePlus’ 8 Pro, and Xiaomi’s Mi 10 & Mi 10 Pro. On paper, it couldn’t get any better, with the latest Snapdragon 865 chip, paired with a 12GB RAM. All that along with the 120Hz display, you won’t ever have to worry about your phone’s performance at the slightest.

The Camera We Know & Love

The S20 may have the same camera setup as its predecessor when it comes to megapixel count, but the difference comes in the larger camera sensor, which helps the phone take better low-light photos without causing much degradation in image quality. It may not beat the camera king iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s right behind it. It might’ve been able to cross the Apple flagship as well, had it not been for its aggressive and unappealing software processing of the images. The oversaturation of photos, and the smoothing of faces kind of limits the capabilities of what the S20 can achieve, but maybe that’s something we may see change with a software update.


With a price tag of $999, it’s certainly a contender for the smartphone of the year, and ticks all the major boxes. Amazing photos, the best display in any smartphone, and a decent battery will all make your money’s worth in the end.

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