Samsung Galaxy M51 Specs Leaked: Snapdragon 730G, 7,000mAh Battery & More

Aug 26, 2020 News

Samsung Galaxy M51 Specs Leaked: Snapdragon 730G, 7,000mAh Battery & More

Samsung has been on a mission for a long time to target the mid range audience - as since the beginning of its existence, it has focused on either the flagship segment, or the budget region of the market. However, seeing how saturated the audience is in the mid range section, and how the demand of good phones in that range is immense - Samsung decided to cash in with their A series. The Korean manufacturer provided plenty of great specs, such as a bright AMOLED display, good battery life, in-display fingerprint scanner and more at mid range prices - which of course caught the attention of a lot of smartphone enthusiasts.

Now, Samsung has another mid range series in the market which is also growing swiftly in popularity, as it’s known as the M series from the Korean giant - and it has a new phone coming soon to the market, with the M51. The upcoming M series device looks to take off where the A series have left, with the same formula of a top-notch screen, good internals, and great battery performance. The rumour of the device hasn’t been confirmed globally as of yet, but has gotten a support webpage on the Russian version of Samsung’s official website.

samsung m51

The phone comes with a Snapdragon 730G for a processor, which is more than just a capable SoC - as you’ll be able to run most of the high-end games on your phone at smooth frame rates. Moreover, you also get the biggest battery you can find at this price point, or perhaps at any segment of the smartphone market, as Samsung has decided to include a massive, 7,000mAh battery unit inside the phone. This will be paired with 25W fast charging, which is going to make this one of the best performing batteries in the market. However, this will also add significantly to the weight of the device, making it cross the 210g mark. Other specs include a 6.67” AMOLED display, a fingerprint scanner on the power button at the side, a triple camera setup and more. The full list of specifications have been mentioned by phone leaker @Sudhanshu1414 in the tweet below.

Now we've final confirmation about the processor. The processor that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy M51 is....(drum roll please) Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G !!!

It’s great to see Samsung focus more on the mid range segment of the market, as they’re developing the new M series properly along with the A series - even though they both look like carbon copies of each other. The phone definitely seems like a sub-500 or even a sub-400 dollar device, and might be a direct challenger to the Pixel 4a. For now, all we can do is wait for the release.

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