Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: The New Battery King?

Sep 12, 2020 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: The New Battery King?

Samsung has been pretty serious about its mid range devices, as it wouldn’t be a surprise if they sold more phones from their A series than they did of their S or Note series in the previous year or so. Now they’ve also added another mid range phone lineup in the market, as the M series look to take over the mid range game for Samsung, with the M51 being the latest addition to it. The phone is definitely a great release from the Korean giant, as it has a lot to praise and appreciate about. Let’s get into our full review of the M51 to know what it’s all about.

What We Liked

Well, the first thing to talk about this phone is what helped it catch headlines all over the world. 

That Damned 7,000mAh Battery!

The humongous, 7,000mAh battery is the main factor of this device, as it will be a significant reason why people might go for this phone over the other choices. The battery performance is going to be excellent on this device, as it will help you get 1 and a half to 2 days of use on moderate to even heavy usage. Going through a day will be a piece of cake for this monster. Samsung also says that the M51 fully charges under 2 hours - which would be pretty impressive considering the size of the cell.

Great Display - Typical Of Samsung


Samsung has included a Super AMOLED 6.7” display panel in the phone - one that looks typical of Samsung, with punchy colors, great contrast and deep blacks. You also get wide viewing angles and brightness isn’t too shabby either. All in all, this will be a superb screen for media consumption or gaming. However, it doesn’t support 90Hz, so do keep that in mind. 

Decent Camera Performance


The camera situation is pretty good on the M51 as well, as it has a 64+12+5+5 setup, with an ultra wide, macro lens and a depth sensor as the secondary options on top of the main shooter. The camera takes sharp and well-detailed photos in good lighting conditions - be it the back or front camera, and dynamic range is impressive as well. Samsung has also added a Single Take feature, which takes a picture or video with all of the lens at the back and shows you the results compiled in an album. We’re happy with the camera performance at this price range from the M51.

What We Didn’t Like

Samsung usually has light phones, but they couldn’t maintain that trend with the M51, as the phone is just bulky, big and hard to use for a long time. It comes in at a total of 213g in weight, which is way over the heavier side of smartphones. If you don’t mind holding heavy phones though, then this shouldn’t bother you all that much.

Usage Of Cheaper Materials


This is something Samsung had to do because they had no other choice. The weight is already too much on the M51, and using glass back or anything other than plastic would’ve only added to that. So with the M series, much like the A series phones, you’re stuck with a plastic back phone which just doesn’t feel premium. 


Overall, the M51 is a great device for the sub-400 dollar price point, as it also has the Snapdragon 730G, much like the Pixel 4a which the M51 probably looks to compete with. Go for the device if you don’t mind how the phone is built, and love long lasting batteries, then this is the one for you!

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