Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Jul 07, 2020 News

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Wireless headphones and earbuds have surged in popularity, as there are a lot of different factors involved in that. For starters, the future is more or less wireless, and it is inevitable to see the popularity of wireless audio transmitters rise daily. The other major factor is the fact that a lot of the major phones in the market do not ship with a headphone jack anymore - this has resulted in a much needed improvement and presence of wireless earbuds for day to day use.

Airpods have been the go-to wireless earbuds for quite some time, and they are usually the standard for any other earphone manufacturer. The biggest competitor to Apple in the game as of now has to be Samsung with their Galaxy Buds+, and we’re going to talk about whether or not they fulfil the price tag they come with.



Well the first thing you're going to notice about any piece of tech is its design and how it looks - and frankly speaking, Samsung hasn’t nailed this part of the earbuds. The Galaxy Buds+ look underwhelming to say the least, and if we were to go in more details, we’d say the earbuds look a lot like one of those cheap Chinese wireless earbuds you’d find for 10 bucks off of AliExpress. The overused glossy finish everywhere on the earbuds and the casing will throw you off after some time, and it just doesn’t give off a premium look whatsoever. However, that being said, we appreciate Samsung for making the size of the casing relatively smaller, so you can easily throw it in your pocket without it bulging out and causing discomfort.

Comfort And Wearability

Well, apart from the look of the earbuds, Samsung almost ticks all boxes that a good pair of wireless earbuds consist of - and that includes comfort as well. The earbuds themselves have a wing sort of mechanism on the top and the underside having an ergonomic design as well, both of which pair together to make sure the earbuds stay inside and fit perfectly in your ear. The buds themselves are pretty light as well, which also adds to the overall comfort. You’ll also get 3 different sized rubber tips in the box, with S,M and L being the three. All in all, you won’t find anything to complain about in this department.

Features And Sound

Features are abundant in the Galaxy Buds+, as there is an automatic pairing capability in the buds, which will put them in pairing mode as soon as you open the casing. This in turn will instantly connect your buds to the phone without doing too much manually. Moreover, you also get Bluetooth 5.0 in the earbuds which also helps with improved connectivity. The sides are obviously touch sensitive, so you can do all sorts of commands by tapping and holding on the sides of the earbuds, including but not limited to altering volume, answering calls and skipping songs.

If we talk about the sound aspect of the Galaxy Buds+, it seems like Samsung has done their bit here as well, as the overall sound on the earbuds is fantastic, with great mids and highs, and vocals sounding pristine. However, the buds won’t be for bass lovers, as the lows aren’t really that impressive. The bass lacks the oompf factor, and bassheads will be unsatisfied with the Samsung buds. They also don’t have an active noise cancellation feature which the likes of the Sony XM3’s have shown us plenty of in the past.


The Galaxy Buds+ may not have reached the level of the latest Airpods yet, nor has it cemented its place as the best non-Apple earbuds in the market - but they are a solid pair of wireless earbuds, and have a lot to like about in them for different types of audiences.

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