Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro key features and pricing leak

Dec 25, 2020 News

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro key features and pricing leak

These days it won’t be wrong to say that the S21 series from Samsung are the most hyped product in the smartphone world for the Korean company. It isn’t surprising either, as the S lineup of smartphones from Samsung are already one of the most popular phones out there in the market - and the S21 will be the first global phone to come out with the Snapdragon 875, as the Mi 11 is only going to release in China - at least initially.

However, another Samsung product should be getting some hype and attention as well, with the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro from the Korean phone maker - as they look like a solid pair of wireless earbuds, finally on track to perhaps beat Apple in the game.

The Buds Pro this time around look amazing, with an almost metallic finish in colors of white, black and silver for now, with more variants to follow later in 2021. The earbuds have a premium feel to them which makes them look unique.

If we talk about features and specs, then the Buds Pro from Samsung will come with active noise cancellation, as the earbuds will be able to switch to it with ease. Moreover, an ambient noise feature is also included in the mix, which will automatically switch on if your voice has been detected - a truly smart feature. The Buds are also getting a 3D sound option inside as well, which works very interestingly, a lot similar to the Spatial Sound feature from Apple’s Airpods Pro. Basically, you’ll be able to hear the sound effects from any sort of media you’re watching very realistically, as if it’s happening right next to you. Moreover, the Buds Pro will make use of the gyroscope to provide different sound profiles depending on where you’re facing.

You can even make use of Find My Buds from the app, as it’s yet another feature that will prove to be helpful considering the small blueprint of earbuds and their increased capacity to get lost easily. They will cost around 220 euros in the market at release - as they seem to be one of the best options for earbuds when they drop.

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