Samsung Galaxy A32 - Better Camera And An Enticing Display

Jun 03, 2021 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy A32  - Better Camera And An Enticing Display

Galaxy A series is most reliable for providing a lot for a reasonable price range it offers. Today we’ll look into what Samsung Galaxy A32 is bringing for us which was launched by the end of February. In fact , the A series were launch in 2019 the most successful ones made their way to 2021 and the Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of them.

Design, Build Quality And Material


The design is truly inspired by the flagship Samsung S phones. There’s nothing wrong in putting the design of flagship phone into the mid range quality. The camera unit as well is pretty updated with triple camera seen at the back rather than massive module. The smartphone is available in four colours to choose from. The screen has become better with a 6.4 inch super AMOLED display.

Performance Of Samsung Galaxy A32


The only interesting performance factor Samsung Galaxy A32 have here is the storage options, that is 64gb to 128gb, moreover the chipset is MediaTek Helio G80 being responsible for working of the smartphone. The 4Gb RAM in today’s market is practically the smallest but comfortable for the use. The Samsung Galaxy A32 is featuring a fingerprint and a face scanner that works quite well for a new comer in unlocking methods.

About The Camera

In this year’s model the Samsung Galaxy A32 has four cameras, as 64 mega pixel main, 8mega pixel , 5 mega pixel and another 5mega pixel. The pictures are bright and clear in the day, however at night the camera sensor blurs out the pictures and it’s difficult to focus with a lot of noise in the background.

Battery Life

There’s no big changes in the battery here, it’s running on a 5000mAh battery but there’s no big issues with that the charge can last upto a day and a half and could be stretched more.


There’s no much difference to see in the new Samsung Galaxy A 32 than the predecessors but it provides a good balance between the price and quality amongst the competitors. 

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