Samsung Announces New Mid Range 5G Phone: Galaxy A42 5G

Sep 03, 2020 News

Samsung Announces New Mid Range 5G Phone: Galaxy A42 5G

It seems like Samsung is slowly changing its approach to the audience in terms of their business model and how they go about it. Before, Samsung was mostly known for its flagship phones - with the Galaxy S and Note series being the only proper identity of the brand, as they were the most selling devices. Now, from the past year or so, the Korean giant has seemed to focus a lot more on mid range devices as well, learning that they bring a lot of sales to the table as well. We have obviously grown accustomed to the A series, with the A51 and A71 leading the way, with also their 5G variants right now in the market as well. Then the A31 also hopped along, a cheaper variant in the series. The M series were also created by Samsung and we recently heard news about the M51 coming to the market with the 7,000mAh battery unit.


Now, Samsung is bringing another budget friendly phone to the game - in the A42 5G, which looks to be another addition to the mid range phones which are 5G enabled. The A42 seems to be a new line of mid range phones that Samsung is looking to bring to the table, as the announcement and unveiling has actually come a little pre-maturely, as we all expected it to drop next year. The phone actually ditches the L camera module at the back that Samsung has usually opted for in its recent devices - and goes for the square-ish stove top module instead, which we’ve seen get popularized in budget phones even thanks to the Pixel 4.

a42 5g

Moreover, the back seems to be made out of plastic, with 4 different gradients and color patterns - a unique look, but one that will surely be polarizing for the users. On the front, the screen size is now 6.6”, which of course will be an AMOLED panel.

The other specs of the phone are currently unknown, but will surely get revealed further in the upcoming weeks. It seems like a phone that will be competing against the likes of the Pixel 4a and maybe even the OnePlus Nord.

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